Benefits of Dabbing CBD Concentrates

Dabbing, the popular method of vaporizing extracted concentrates using a heated surface such as a skillet or an atomizer coil, is growing in popularity due to the availability of quality concentrates and the benefits of dabbing over inhaling burning plant material slowly being uncovered. Dabbing is one of the best methods to experience the known […]

Useage Instructions

Vaporizing your Hemp Oil Dabs is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 1) Simply remove the mouthpiece from the included Hemp Oil Dabs Burner to expose the Burner chamber. 2) Dab some of the Hemp Oil Dabs onto the Burner chamber using the included Hemp Oil Dabs tool. Be careful not to damage the coil […]

History of Hemp

Finally, industrial hemp is now decriminalized at the federal level thanks to the Agricultural Act of 2014 (aka “Farm Bill”) which recognizes hemp as distinct from its genetic cousin, marijuana. Recognizing the need to have a pure and aromatic way to enjoy CBD Rich Hemp Oil, we have sourced the finest industrial Cannabis Sativa hemp […]

What is a Dab?

What’s a Dab? /  Dab Vocab Definitions:   Dab |  \ˈdab\   Noun A small amount of a concentrated cannabinoid extract.   Verb To place concentrated cannabinoid extract against the heated surface of a nail or skillet and inhale the vapor.   Nail |  \ˈnāl\   Noun A spike used in place of a bowl […]