Hemp Derived CBD Rich Oil – A Better Alternative to Stiff Penalties From Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis is enjoying a moment in popular culture, and sometimes we may forget that although attitudes about the plant are changing, civilians face sometimes stiff penalties for possession, distribution, or transportation of the substance. Ranging from simple fines to life in prison, it is good to know the law of the land in order to take the best measures to protect yourself. CBD rich hemp oil offers some of the very same benefits of high THC cannabis concentrates, but due to its complete lack of THC content, it is not a controlled dangerous substance and is classified in the same group as other nutritional supplements such as hemp protein powders, oils, and butters. The cannabidiol in CBD Rich Hemp Oil has been separated from the imported industrial hemp plant, which contains less than 0.3 percent of THC, and that is why CBD Rich Hemp Oil is able to be sold legally as a dietary supplement. The CBD Rich Hemp Oil is not psychoactive, but still offers benefits associated with whole cannabis, and may be helpful for some of the same disorders that medical cannabis is used for. Travelers may decide that using the CBD supplement makes more sense for them instead of taking the risks associated with cannabis concentrates, which can bear stiffer, much harsher penalties than even whole marijuana.

Here are a list of the top ten states not to dab in.
Beware! Avoid trouble altogether by reaching for CBD Rich Hemp Oil!

1. Mississippi – Any possession over 0.1g of has carries a harsh sentence of a mandatory 2-8 years in prison.

2. South Dakota – Simple possession carries a penalty up to 10 years!

3. Alabama – This state carries a minimum one year and one day sentence for possession of any amount.

4. Virginia – A mandatory one year for possession. A judge may grant you mercy if it is your first offense. But repeat offenders, beware! A second distribution charge in this state will get you life in prison.

5. Texas – Any substance that marijuana has been extracted into is a controlled dangerous substance, and so cannabis edibles are considered concentrates and are still penalized by weight. A notable example of this policy is the 19 year old caught with 1.5 pounds of pot brownies and is facing a prison sentence between 5 years and life!

6. Georgia – This state gives one year minimum for possession.

7. Arizona – Another state with a mandatory year for possession conviction.

8. North Dakota – The state has the same policy as Texas, any material containing marijuana extract is a concentrate. Penalties for concentrates range from one year to five years for hash oil.

9. Florida – On college campuses, being caught with more than 3g of hash carries a maximum 15 year prison sentence. Possession of the substance in any amount can get up to 5 years.

10. Wyoming – Possession of tiny amount of liquid concentrate, 0.3 grams or more, can land you five years in prison and fines up to $10,000.