Benefits of Dabbing CBD Concentrates

Dabbing, the popular method of vaporizing extracted concentrates using a heated surface such as a skillet or an atomizer coil, is growing in popularity due to the availability of quality concentrates and the benefits of dabbing over inhaling burning plant material slowly being uncovered. Dabbing is one of the best methods to experience the known benefits of cannabidiol, or CBD, a chemical compound naturally derived from plant sources such as industrial hemp.

With dabbing, a small dose gives potent effects since the active compounds in the plant material have been extracted, purified, and refined. A simple wax/oil/concentrate atomizer and battery makes the benefits of dabbing portable. With vaporization, there is no combustion, therefore dabbing gives you no ash and no tar. It is this harmful carcinogenic tar that accumulates in the lungs of smokers and contributes to lung disease and cancer. Dabs are purified and condensed. The purity is the big difference here. Since Hemp Oil Dabs are an extract of the properties of the plants, the effect is much stronger than if you would attempt to ingest the whole plant material. Dabbing is great for acute needs, since the potency is high and the reaction time is short. Another added bonus is that you don’t have the stinky, ashy smell attached to you, your clothing, or your home. Dab away and still smell great!

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the non psychoactive compound found in cannabis and industrial hemp. For decades, THC got all the attention, but now, as we are able to more easily study the benefits of medical marijuana, scientists are isolating each of the constituent compounds in this holistic plant and they are observing how each chemical reacts with the body. Leaf reports, that according to a recent review released by the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, various medical properties of CBD were shown during medical studies, including antiemetic, anti convulsant, anti psychotic, anti inflammatory, antioxidant, anti tumoral / anti cancer, and anxiolytic / anti depressant. Since we are still in the early days of cannabis science, most of these studies were carried out on animals, and we unfortunately do not yet have the human trials to support the British Journal’s findings. Very few CBD studies have been carried out on human subjects, but what we may extrapolate from the initial animal studies is promising.

As the benefits of CBD are more fully researched, some benefits of CBD are beginning to be recognized, and a recent FDA approval for research on the anticonvulsant properties of cannabidiol shows that even large governing institutions are willing to look more closely at cannabidiol. Pharmaceutical companies in the UK have approved similar research. Previously an opponent of marijuana, Dr. Sanjay Gupta brought much public awareness to cannabidiol in his recent CNN Special Report. Dr. Gupta covers the story of a 5 year old child who was able to improve her seizures related to Dravet’s Syndrome through the use of CBD. From, “A survey by Stanford researchers of 19 severely epileptic children found that 84% experienced substantial seizure reductions from CBD-enriched cannabis.”

In addition, lab studies performed by Dr. Sean McAllister tentatively show that CBD is anti-cancer. McAllister was able to destroy breast cancer cells at the California Pacific Medical Center during his study. Since these are early lab studies, the anti-cancer benefits can not be fully confirmed until they are demonstrated in actual human lab studies, and cancer scientists caution against drawing early conclusions.

With the list of potential benefits of cannabidiol growing by the day, consumers are clamoring to try out this beneficial compound. Now available to the public as a purified, waxy concentrate for dabbing, consumers are trying out the benefits of the Hemp Oil dabs supplement for themselves.