Useage Instructions

Vaporizing your Hemp Oil Dabs is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1) Simply remove the mouthpiece from the included Hemp Oil Dabs Burner to expose the Burner chamber.
2) Dab some of the Hemp Oil Dabs onto the Burner chamber using the included Hemp Oil Dabs tool. Be careful not to damage the coil at the bottom of the Burner chamber.
3) Replace the mouthpiece on to the Hemp Oil Dabs Burner chamber. Take a draw through the mouthpiece to activate the Burner and coil. You will see the indicator light at the end of the hemp oil dabs burner when the Burner chamber coil is activated. Enjoy your Hemp Oil Dabs vapor for about 3 – 4 draws.

What equipment do I need?

Hemp Oil Dabs is specifically designed for dabbing pure CBD Rich Hemp Oil in a convenient and discreet manner right out of the package. Our included disposable vaporizer is a fast, ready, and discreet solution for dabbing your CBD Wax right away.

Some users choose common atomizers and personal vaporizers available on the market. Due to it’s thick, wax-like consistency, Hemp Oil Dabs should not be used with wicking liquid atomizers. Only atomizers designed to vaporize wax concentrates are suitable for Hemp Oil Dabs. Many 510 and eGo threaded ecigarette batteries are compatible with globe and other concentrate atomizers, so there are many options there.

You will also need a dab tool to scoop the waxy goodness from the container. Don’t worry, that’s also included with your kit!

If you intend to ingest your Hemp Oil Dabs, either neat or by adding them to food and drink, an oral syringe will help. Since we think of everything at Hemp Oil Dabs, we have included that tool for you as well.

Other tools you may look for are silicone dab mats, spare atomizers, and a carrying case. Our moisture and odor resistant sealed pouch is a great durable solution for carrying your dab kit.